Video – Gerald Boodhram

G. Boodram

My first hint of trouble came while playing a game of lawn tennis on January 2nd 2013. I started feeling as though I had indigestion and exhaustion at the same time. I did not even suspect that I was having a silent heart attack. Nevertheless, I got off the court and decided that that was… Read more “G. Boodram”

Catherine Jodhan-Butts

I had been feeling tired for almost 2 years and I thought if I cut back on my activities my energy level would increase. Then on Monday 23rd July at 4.30 pm I sat on the sofa completely exhausted, unable to move my arms which lay limply by my sides. I sat there for perhaps… Read more “Catherine Jodhan-Butts”

Robin and Leslie Law

On Sunday, October 11th at approximately 2:00 PM, I was admitted to emergency at St. Clair Medical Centre as I was having a Heart Attack, which had started to develop while playing in a golf tournament. – Robin and Leslie Law, The doctors and staff in emergency were polite an efficient and had me immediately hooked… Read more “Robin and Leslie Law”

Fiona Seepersad

“My daughter Fiona was born at Mount Hope Maternity Hospital. Soon after we taking her home with me from the hospital, she started getting sick. She had problems taking her bottle, was vomiting a lot and her breathing became very fast so when she was only one month old, – Fiona Seepersad, we had to take… Read more “Fiona Seepersad”

Jim Chevalley

“Our story is an amazing one and the doctors of Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp made its ending a happy one. Jim and I have lived aboard our sailboat since 2003. One of Jim’s childhood dreams was to visit Trinidad, but little did Jim know when we set off from San Francisco that it would turn… Read more “Jim Chevalley”

Paul Regis

“My name is Paul Regis and I consider myself very fortunate to have been Caribbean Heart Care’s very first patient open heart surgery patient. In 1992, I found out that I needed triple bypass open heart surgery, a procedure which at that time was not being performed here in Trinidad.” – Paul Regis, “I considered the… Read more “Paul Regis”