On Sunday, October 11th at approximately 2:00 PM, I was admitted to emergency at St. Clair Medical Centre as I was having a Heart Attack, which had started to develop while playing in a golf tournament. – Robin and Leslie Law,

The doctors and staff in emergency were polite an efficient and had me immediately hooked up to all necessary instruments to keep me alive . CHCm’s doctors who operated on me later, came over and introduced themselves to me.

Due to my condition, I don’t remember very much other than being wheeled into the cathlab and only after was I told that the Doctors who performed Angioplasty on me were part of a team of extremely well qualified and experienced Cardiologists from Venezuela operating in association with the local cardiologist of Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp Ltd, an arm of the St. Clair facility.

They discovered that I had two blocked arteries but due to my traumatized condition they were only able to perform one procedure on the artery blocked 100%. The second procedure to clear the other artery performed and successfully completed on November 17th. These Doctors, were all very professional and kept a keen eye on my recovery.

My wife and I would like to thank and commend St. Clair Medical Centre for having these wonderful Doctors available, true experienced professionals with tremendous bedside manners. The nursing staff (both local and foreign) in I.C.U. and the prep room, were wonderful caring people. My thanks also to the Administrative staff, who were at all times attentive and efficient.

It is reassuring to know that such a facility exists here in Trinidad and we have no hesitation in recommending the St. Clair Medical Centre (Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp Ltd.) for their “Caring for Caribbean Hearts”.